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    • Zennirox
      I was playing here for 4 years and never had problem with gold when lvl new character. Exp is x2 as default so You have many options: do x2 more quests, farm mats, profession like talioring, set exp to x1. Best metod for easy gold is yelling in Stormwind or Ogrimar: "PLS GOLD PLS FOR SKILLS"
    • Gretos
      You can exp at x1 rate and have money for spells and mounts   Or you can exp at x2 as all ppl before wipe and learn how to earn money    
    • Ace
      Unfortunately when people run outdated and long proven bad systems like EPGP and DKP, and then make it even worse by giving tanks priority in an expansion that is extremely forgiving on tanks, and less so on dps/healers, it says more about the people running whatever loot system you choose than you could ever know.

    • Ace
      Nobody has discussed the potential problem that is the main problem in Vanilla/ TBC levelling as standard.
      Levelling at 1x rate, gold for skill ups, professions and especially mounts is difficult, when you add extra x2 XP etc, it's near impossible to have enough gold to even buy just key skill ups, nevermind mounts.

      This hasn't been discussed at all or even pointed out. Are skills/abilities gonna cost 50% less up until level 58, or are people just gonna not be able to afford to buy spells?

      Expecting this topic to be closed like every other thread about anything that makes sense.
    • Plumber
      1. Its old game we all play for years now, it can't be "hard" even if you buff bosses hp/dmg...   2. Every content is easy with 25/25 exp people who don't make mistakes or die in some boss mehanic (guild runs) . If you want "true hard test" just try to make the Eye or SSC public run... it was hard with geared people on old Hellground, but now with gear that is ment for that content, it will be imposible. Hell, even some Grull and Kara runs were hard if you bring a lot of undergeared/ unskilled people.   IMO even this "pre-nerf" stuff will turn people away from server, cuz its just a game and its about fun, not hardcore/diehard challenges.    For example look other "hard" servers and their population *khm* Lordaron *khm* ... It had 10k-12k online allmost 24/7 for few months.. but after that people who were there for fun, just left.. now it has peak of 3-4k online, so only hardcore people stayed...