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    • Pikley
      Don't worry. Good geared feral can easly tank most of T6/SWP content. And yes, guilds would be looking for such a toons. As for a cat feral dps, i saw few how could do tons of dmg on a boss fight. It all depends on your skill+gear+group setup. Druid is a fun to play charcater if you can get spec gear. Play as a tank/mdps/healer/sdps.
    • Gelladil
      Still looking for a few people to fill up roster but also recruiting other classes and social players. Visit our forum here.
    • doomnyx
      Nope it won't.
    • Flynt
      Hello everyone!  I am thinking of rolling a feral druid for PVE when the server will be opening on 5 march, but i still have some doubts about it and so i am hoping to get some good advices from experienced druids and good TBC players in general as i am not so experienced as feral so..   Is feral a good choice? I think bear and feral in general would be a really good  choice for example heroics and kara since everyone ussualy is looking for tanks in lfg and they are in demand + as feral i could easily go cat form and be dps aswell. So for me it seems like a really good choice and i feel like it would suit me well, but..   What about serious PVE after heroics and t4? For example t5, t6 raids? Do guilds then need feral druids? As i have seen big guilds ussualy have their top tanks tanking almoast every raid. Then would there be a spot for young feral druid? I have heard that cat dps is really bad so im rethinking is it even worth to roll feral if guilds just need 1 max 2 of them in 25  man raid.   What are your opinions and suggestions? If im thinking correctly then maby its even better to roll decent dps class cause there are a lot of slots aviable for dps in 25 man raid groups for example SP.   Anyways.. sorry if this question seems to be kind of noobish but i hope some of you could share your opinion and experience about this topic.    Thanks!   
    • BigJIgs
      Hey all, I'm looking for more info about your guild.    North American willing to play any class. Played Rogue/Lock top tier DPS way back when. But smart and helpful and care more about downing content together than getting loot.    Would prefer talking in discord, who is best person to talk to?